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FAIR ZONE Cycled Steel Haarschere FAIR SQUARED Cycled Steel Hair Scissors
Made of recycled stainless steel, the Cycled Steel hair scissors offer you reliable quality. It has a high-quality and matte appearance and an ergonomic finger hook. First-class suitable for cutting and modeling your desired hairstyle....
€14.95 *
FAIR ZONE Cycled Steel Pinzette FAIR SQUARED Cycled Steel Tweezers
The slanted tip makes the Cycled Steel tweezers the ideal instrument for plucking unwanted facial hair, but also for removing split ends. The slanted tweezers are made of high-quality recycled stainless steel and impress with their easy...
€9.95 *
FAIR ZONE Cycled Steel Nagelschere FAIR SQUARED Cycled Steel nail scissors
The Cycled Steel nail scissors are made from recycled stainless steel in Pakistan. The scissors are sharp and cleanly cut toenails and hand nails. The nail scissors with curved edge is also suitable for cutting small hairs or cuticles....
€12.95 *
FAIR ZONE Cycled Steel Nagelpfeile FAIR SQUARED Cycled Steel Nail File
 With the Cycled Steel nail file you are always and everywhere perfectly equipped, whether traveling, at work or at home. The file has a coarse-grained and a fine-grained side for shortening and smoothing the nails, as well as a tip for...
€6.95 *
FAIR ZONE Cycled Steel Hautschere FAIR SQUARED Cycled Steel Cuticle scissors
Sturdy and extra sharp cuticle scissors made of recycled steel from Pakistan. The high-quality slightly curved sharp cutting surface makes these scissors a long-lasting companion. Ideal for removing cuticles and other skin debris. These...
€12.95 *
FAIR ZONE Cycled Steel Fußnagelzange FAIR SQUARED Cycled Steel toenail nippers
The FAIR SQUARED Cycled Steel toenail nippers cut whole nails and are ideal for removing deeply ingrown nails in problem areas with the slim head shape. The slightly curved shape of the cutting surface helps to shorten and shape the...
€14.95 *