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We are so happy that you have found your way to our website.

condomi was founded in 1988 and maybe you have heard of us before. 

Ever since 1996 we have used our condomi web shop to deliver all sorts of love products, from Cologne to all over the world.  As you might have noticed, our collection is quite different from other online shops. The reason for this is that we, along with the help of our customers in Köln and Venice, test each product individually and examine it with high standards.  The web shop is thus a result of many many personal experiences. Therefore, we are absolutely confident of the quality of our collection and are happy to answer any question about the products via email:

We have developed this webshop for retailers and social institutions. Here you will find a cheerful mix of products that appeal to our bodily well-being, our health and our love for life. To use our shop in full you must first go through an one-time registration process. Shortly afterwards, you will receive an access code to see the entire array of details including prices. The ecoaction webshop is not directed towards end-consumers. We deliver our products within 48 hours and you can pay in a variety of ways. We would greatly appreciate if you give us your trust by choosing our products.
Our products are packaged and delivered in a way that neither the mailman, nor your neighbors, nor - most importantly - you have to be embarrassed. The sender of the parcels is ecoaction – a really neutral name. Even if the parcel is damaged it will not cause any problems. We will deal with DHL, at absolutely no additional cost to you.  

Selling our products is not just an online transaction for us - we want to improve your love life substantially.  We are thankful for your trust and will not disappoint you.

So please browse through our products and enjoy shopping! If you are reseller please visit

The ecoaction GmbH is a manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler of consumer healthcare products. A large part of our product collection consists of organic and / or fair trade products. We were founded in 2011 and have established our company in Hürth near Cologne. 

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